It is not easy to do economic effect analyses, ROI calculation for a certain research and development in some ways. Sharing and learning processes have been kept among our experts, which gives more valuable results than any other consulting firms.


2012, Notation Strategy Development and Implementation services

2012, Research on the Next Generation of Digital Integrated Space Realization

2011, Long-term Development Planning for Meteorological Satellite Studies

2011, A Basic Study on the Public Geospatial Information Usage for Private

2011, Information Strategy Planning for the Environmental Statistics

2011, KOREN's Strategy Planning : better Usage Model in the Future

2010, Economic Effect Analysis of GOCI Senor Data from Geostationary Orbit

2010, Economic Effect Analysis of MSI Senor Data from Geostationary Orbit

2010, Analysis Effect of Impact of the Policy of CO2 Reduction Goals for
   Green-house industry energy of industry Gases

2009, Analysis of Investment Efficiency on Stream Channelizing and Stream

2009, Information Strategy Planning for Nationwide Agricultural Land with High
   Resolution Satellite Imagery