Our group have carried out ISP and Planning Paper a specific domains, environmental information and modeling, disaster prevention strategies. We have proposed practical standards to support interoperability within and among the agencies. Standards are not the ultimate goals but the basic way to reduce the cost which will be posed in large after all the systems are done. We also gives valuable consultings not only public sectors but also private sectors.


2013, Primary Plan for Safety Indices and Enhancement of a Portal
   for Safer City

2012~ IT-based Volcanic Response and Mitigation System

2012~ Social and Economic damage Prediction Model: In Case of Earthquake

2012, Spatial Information Standardization

2012, A Basic Study and Implementation of National Grid Framework

2012, A Portal System Design and Prototype for Governance based
   Safer City

2012, Safety index Database Construction and Usage

2012, Standarization and integrated Database Construction of Margine Life

2011~12, Flood Forecasting and Warning System for Small and Medium-
   sized River

2012, UN International Cooperation and Expansion of Typhoon Disaster
   Information System Deployment · Research Advancement

2011, Spatial Information Standardization

2010, Spatial Information Standardization

2010, Informationize Strategy Planning for Environmental Statistics

2009, Spatial Information Standardization

2009, Validity Analysis of Medium and Long-term National Institute
   for Disaster Prevention's Research project