Our long-term vision is to make environment sustainable. There are many ways to accomplish the vision, whether the process guarantee profits or not. It is the best way to keep in touch with many experts such as hydrographers, hydraulic engineers, river keepers, entomologists, ornithologists, plant physiologists, ecologist, forest surveyors. We can give geospatial tools for them. Supporting National Information will be one of the services.


2012, Information Service Planning for National Fishing Ports and their

2012, Genetic and Geospatial Analysis of Major Biological Resources
   for Target Spcies

2012, Planning Research of Maritime Information Interoperablity Enhancement

2011~ Education and Training System Building for Empowerment of
   Meteorological Satellite Usage

2011, Monitoring Global Maritime Name and Planning Strategy

2010~ Building the literary Geography DB

2010, Building River Name-Related Tasks

2010, National Database Forum Management service