(Current) CEO, ziin consulting Co.
(Current) Adjunct Professor, University of Seoul

CSO, Korea geoSpatial Information & Communication Co.
Director, 3Gcore Co.
Director Researcher, Samsung SDS Co.
Geography(PhD), University of Kansas
Geography(BA,MA), Seoul National University
Thank you for visiting our website.
ziinconsulting inc. was founded in 2010 with a vision of
sustainable environment and realization of meaningful place.

When I founded this company, I wanted to create a comfortable
research environment, where everyone can study what he really
wants to. I had started to work with this idea and many people
encouraged me and gave their support. They used to say:
"You should work harder with more responsibility."

I would like to find solutions with specialists who have worked
on the info-communications, economic and policy. In order for Koreans
to stand on straight up in the peninsula, the whole land of Korea should
be pass to the future generations as a better environment and living
space and be born again as the meaningful place between G2.

I sometimes hesitate, make waste for haste and feel powerless.
But I force myself to try harder.

To comply world-class standard & quality, I have participated
in several information business and planning works in order to
rise awareness about the Korean Peninsula and its circumstances.
Currently I run a small global consulting company and strongly believe
that it will become a better one.

Thank you.